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The Missionary Movement from the West
A Biography from Birth to Old Age
Andrew F. Walls
Edited by Brian Stanley
Foreword by Gillian Mary Bediako

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ISBN: 978-0-8028-4897-0
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288 Pages
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Series: Studies in the History of Christian Missions

A long-awaited culmination of scholarship by a pioneer of missiology and global Christianity

The history of the missions is complex and fraught. Though modern missions began with European colonialism, the outcome was a largely non-Western global Christianity. Highly esteemed scholar Andrew Walls explores every facet of the movement, including its history, theory, and future.

Walls locates the birth of the Protestant missionary movement in the West with the Puritans and Pietists and their efforts to convert the Native Americans they displaced. Tracing the movement into the twentieth century, Walls shows how colonialism and missionary work turned out to be essentially incompatible. Missionaries must live on another culture’s terms, and their goal—the establishment of churches of every nation—depends on accepting new, indigenous Christians as equals. Now that Christianity has become primarily an African, Latin American, and Asian religion rather than a European one, the dynamics of the church’s mission have transformed. Sensitive to this shift, Walls indicates new areas of listening to and learning from this new center of Christianity and speculates on the theological contributions from a truly global church.

Throughout his long and fruitful career, Walls told the story of missions as a dedicated Christian scholar, teacher, and mentor. Prior to his passing in 2021, he entrusted the editing of his lectures to his friends and students. The result of this labor of love, The Missionary Movement from the West is a must-read for scholars of missiology, world Christianity, and church history.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction 
I. Birth and Early Years 
          1. The Birth of the Western Missionary Movement 
          2. Puritan and Pietist Origins: Jonathan Edwards and the Missionary Significance of Native America 
          3. A History and Geography of Christian Obedience: Early Protestant Foreign Mission Initiatives from Europe and America 
          4. “Honour All Men”: The Humanitarian Strand in Early Protestant Missions 
II. Towards the Middle Age of Western Missions 
          5. Reading the Bible: Theology and the Interpretation of Prophecy in Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missions 
          6. Jerusalem and Antioch: Western Missions and non-Western Churches 
          7. "Made of One Blood:" Race, Culture, and Society in Western Mission Thinking 
          8. How Protestant Missionaries Got into China; and how China Got into the Missionaries 
III. Mid-Life Crises: Western Missions in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries 
          9. Protestant Missions Enter Middle Age 
          10. The World Missionary Conference and the First World War: Bright Visions, Dark Clouds, Hidden Happenings 
          11. The Missionary as Specialist: Healing and the Gospel 
          12. Before the Volcano Erupted: The Tambaram Meeting: Mission on the Eve of the Second World War 
IV. The Second World War and the Old Age of the Western Missionary Movement 
          13. The Seventh Chapter of Daniel Continued: The Legacy of World War II and the Birth of the Indian Nation 
          14. Red Sky at Night, Judgment of God? Missions and the China Experience 
          15. Winds of Change and Latter Rain: Christianity and the New African Nations 
          16. The Theological Challenge of World Christianity