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Mathematics in a Postmodern Age
A Christian Perspective
POD; Published: 5/10/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4910-6
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408 Pages
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The discipline of mathematics has not been spared the sweeping critique of postmodernism. Is mathematical theory true for all time, or are mathematical constructs in fact fallible? This fascinating book examines the tensions that have arisen between modern and postmodern views of mathematics, explores alternative theories of mathematical truth, explains why the issues are important, and shows how a Christian perspective makes a difference.

W. James Bradley
William Dembski
Russell W. Howell
Calvin Jongsma
David Klanderman
Christopher Menzel
Glen VanBrummelen
Scott VanderStoep
Michael Veatch
Paul Zwier
The Christian Century
"Who should read this book? Certainly it will interest mathematicians and philosophers of mathematics, but we hope that it will find a wider audience. While portions of some chapters are quite technical ? mathematically, philosophically or both ? much of the book is not only accessible but highly recommended."
Paul Ernest
"This is an interesting and well-researched book. It discusses a number of deep and important ideas and questions concerning mathematics and the philosophy of mathematics in a valuable and illuminating way. The authors succeed admirably in exploring the interrelations between different perspectives on mathematics — perspectives from philosophy, history, the social sciences, constructivism, and the Christian faith. The book achieves an original synthesis and concludes with a valuable multiperspectival position. "
Robert L. Brabenec
"This well-planned and clearly written book represents the first serious attempt to investigate possible relationships between mathematics and the Christian faith. It is an excellent choice as a text for a capstone course for mathematics majors or as recommended reading for thoughtful persons interested in integrative issues. It not only furnishes some plausible answers to crucial questions concerning mathematics in our postmodern age but also provides a basis for further investigations. "
Thomas F. Banchoff
"Mathematics has always been a creative enterprise, a special activity by which we discover patterns and cocreate the structures that describe them. Belief systems necessarily interrelate with such activity, especially when we are sharing our insights with students and colleagues. In our world today, many forces encourage us to reexamine our beliefs and our efforts in mathematical research and teaching. This volume raises many of these issues in a way that will promote serious reflection and discussion — even among those who do not profess exactly the same statements of faith — to the benefit of all. . . A significant contribution."
Don Knuth
"This work is very well done. I am pleased to see that more and more mathematicians are thinking seriously about the relationship between their scientific work and their faith, since I believe that God wants people like us to confront such mysteries, even though we will never penetrate them fully. It is important for mathematicians to realize the strengths and weaknesses of mathematics as it applies to the visible world we live in — and even perhaps to the invisible world. "