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Practicing Theology
Beliefs and Practices in Christian Life
POD; Published: 10/26/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4931-1
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271 Pages
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In a time when academic theology often neglects the lived practices of the Christian community, this volume seeks to bring balance to the situation by showing the dynamic link between the task of theology and the practices of the Christian life.

The work of thirteen first-rate theologians from several cultural and Christian perspectives, these informed and informative essays explore the relationship between Christian theology and practice in the daily lives of believers, in the ministry of Christian communities, and as a needed focus within Christian education.


Dorothy C. Bass
Nancy Bedford
Gilbert Bond
Sarah Coakley
Craig Dykstra
Reinhard Hütter
L. Gregory Jones
Serene Jones
Amy Plantinga Pauw
Christine Pohl
Kathryn Tanner
Miroslav Volf
Tammy Williams
Christianity Today, Award of Merit, Christian Living (2003)
Religious Studies Review
"This is a delightfully disturbing volume that will assist not only students and laypersons but also (and especially) theologians and ministry professionals to (in the closing words of Volf) 'resolutely place theology in the service of practices,' and thereby 'to satisfy the concerns of those who are justly troubled by theology's seeming irrelevance."
"Although an academically rigorous read this book is recommended not just for its value to students but perhaps as a medium for those church leaders who feel distanced from their theological studies to be encouraged in their workplace and ministry."
Rebecca Chopp
"Practicing Theology envisions and embodies a way of theological reflection that is realistic, inspirational, and provocative. Thirteen distinguished theologians show us how theology can embrace life and engage in ministry and how it both shapes and is shaped by Christian practice. The essays examine topics such as hospitality, healing, justification, and discernment in order to explore the relationship of beliefs and practices. This is a must read for everyone who asks the question: does theology really matter? The answer, according to these theologians, is a resounding yes. "
Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore
"All too often, when people hear the word 'theology' they immediately think of abstract academic theories unrelated to real life. Each author in this book challenges this age-old notion about the split between church and academy and suggests that good theology captures a way of faithful living in all its complexity and beauty. As a practical theologian, I welcome efforts of systematic theologians — those most associated with obscure theorizing — into the enterprise of understanding faithful practices in a trying, challenging world."
New Theology Review
"The twelve essays in this book . . . add impressive voices to the chorus emphasizing the integration of theology and Christian practice. In doing so they adopt a realistic and willing acceptance of the ambiguous nature of practice, remain alert to the interconnection of Christian practices with one another and with non-Christian practices, and express a deep, spiritual sense of how this type of reflection participates in the ultimate mystery of God's relationship with us."
Luke Timothy Johnson
"A splendid contribution to one of today's vital theological conversations concerning the multiple and complex connections between Christian convictions and Christian practices. This set of essays by a diverse group of theologians avoids academic jargon but invites readers to serious analysis. The project is innovative both for its immersion in real-life situations and for its demonstration of how theology can be done collaboratively."