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Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church
E. Stanley Ott
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POD; Published: 6/6/2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4949-6
Price: $ 16.50
123 Pages
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What is your church like today? Maybe your congregation is experiencing wonderful energy and growth. Or perhaps, like many, it was established some time ago and is now experiencing a loss of activity and vitality. In this book E. Stanley Ott outlines twelve dynamic shifts in thinking and practice that can bring new vision and fresh energy to the life of local churches.

Arguing that the crisis in the church today is due to a loss of personal spirituality and congregational vitality, Ott challenges pastors and church leaders to adjust the style of their ministries to attract new people while continuing to encourage current members. He examines the characteristics of the "traditional" church, extols the features of the new "transformational" church, and lays out inspiring yet practical proposals to help congregations make the transition from traditional to transformational.

A must-read for pastors and all who share in the leadership of their church, Ott's Twelve Dynamic Shifts offers a welcome blueprint for building need-responsive, disciple-growing congregations full of life and vigor.

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"E. Stanley Ott's insights will transform your church to be effective in America's ever-changing culture. Ott can help your church shift your vision and expectations, your ministry to people, your congregational program, and your practice of leadership so that your ministries are dynamic, visionary, and need-meeting."
Thomas G. Bandy
"Stan Ott is just the mentor so many established congregations seek, a pastor who has truly coached the church to cross the boundary from harmonious complacency to vital mission. He helps leaders not only see what must be done but also discover the courage to do it."
Ben Campbell Johnson
"This book comes from the heart of a working pastor who has a compelling vision for the renewal of the church. The shifts that he calls for are urgent, practical, and completely doable in any size congregation."
Carnegie Samuel Calian
"Stan Ott's book identifies the attitudinal shifts that are necessary if congregations are to become vital centers of ministry within their communities. Since Ott himself practices effectively what he preaches, his message gains added credibility. This book will be useful to many congregations."
"Ott provides profound insight in this simple, easy-to-read book. He inspires the reader to seek God for fresh vision, wisdom, guidance, and courage. Twelve Shifts is biblical, field tested, and will assist church leaders to implement vision without causing division."
"This book is well written, easily readable, and because of the topics discussed and resource material included, a worthy addition to the library of any church leader."