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The Ways of Our God
An Approach to Biblical Theology
POD; Published: 12/11/2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4950-2
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1056 Pages
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At a time when Old Testament and New Testament studies are considered to be two very different tasks, this major new work by Charles Scobie offers an approach to biblical theology meant to take in the entire sweep of divine revelation.

Comprehensive in scope, this book covers every aspect of biblical theology. Chapters are devoted first to the nature and task of biblical theology and then to major themes within the biblical message -- God's order, God's servant, God's people, and God's way. Each section of the book also features an extensive system of helpful cross-references. Not only is Scobie's attempt to bridge the biblical testaments admirable, but he also takes great care to present scholarship that is at the same time informed by, and relevant to, the daily life and work of the church. The result is a book that is relevant to readers everywhere.

Accessible to teachers, clergy, students, and general readers alike, this book will reinvigorate the study of the Bible as the unified word of God.

Pro Ecclesia
"Every page brims over with necessary background or new insight. . . If such a resource became a major focus of theological education programs, the quality of preaching in our day would dramatically improve."
I. Howard Marshall
"Charles Scobie offers a remarkably clear and nontechnical account of the theology of the Bible as a whole in its canonical form. It is comprehensive and orderly, more concerned to set out the teaching and implications of the text than to engage in critical investigations of what lies behind the text, and aiming to provide the church with a basis for the development of its own systematic theology. At a time when the compartmentalization of biblical and theological studies is being increasingly deprecated, it is good to have an author who is so knowledgeable in both the Old Testament and the New Testament and able to produce such an attractive synthesis of their teaching, demonstrating that they do indeed belong together as witnesses to God's ongoing revelation and redeeming work."
Donald A. Hagner
"In this bold and impressive book Charles Scobie has accomplished what many biblical scholars would regard as virtually impossible. Working with a framework of promise and fulfillment and taking a thematic approach, Scobie has produced a unified biblical theology — that is, a truly integrated theology of both Old and New Testaments. Encyclopedic in its coverage, fully conversant with scholarship, sensitive in its treatment of the issues, and evangelical in perspective, Scobie's brilliant synthesis brings the whole of the Bible back to the church. Here is a book that is not only informative but also edifying. A magnificent accomplishment!"
Peter Richardson
"Breathtaking in its scope and audacious in its execution, Charles Scobie's book tackles with erudition and clarity a task that, for a couple of generations now, scholars have thought impossible. Scobie demonstrates convincingly that biblical theology can be done intelligently and can illuminate the life and practice of the Christian church."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"A valuable tool for students of the Bible. . . . This work is an excellent resource and will be a valuable addition to any biblical scholar's library. Pastors, teachers, students, and laypeople can benefit from its use."