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Beyond Doubt
Faith-Building Devotions on Questions Christians Ask
POD; Published: 12/10/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4965-6
Price: $ 32.50
347 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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From the pen of award-winning author Cornelius Plantinga Jr. comes this book of flesh-and-blood Christian meditations with a theological spine.Building on the success of two earlier editions and now splendidly updated, Beyond Doubt unpacks the deep truths of the Christian faith by raising basic questions like these:

  • What is God like?
  • Why pray?
  • Male and female -- how are we related?
  • What is Jesus doing?
  • What is the shape of the godly life?
  • If the Lord is with us, why do we suffer?
  • How do we face death?

Plantinga addresses such questions through short, vivid meditations, each of which begins with a Bible verse and ends with a brief edifying prayer.Written in the graceful, polished prose that Plantinga is celebrated for, Beyond Doubt will help both new Christians and mature believers to grow in their faith.

Marva Dawn
"At last! — a faith-building book that could spark life-changing discussions in churches and families, as well as formative reflections for those who read it alone. Beyond Doubt offers meditations with sudden turns and theological surprises deep enough for adults, yet with a clarity and plainness for youth — and all this with a freshness that is warmly inviting. The book's effortless flow hides its eminently skillful craftsmanship. Cornelius Plantinga does much more than answer questions astutely; he also calms our fears, nurtures our longings for God, and strengthens our hopes in these tense times. The best theology is rooted in worship, and this book immerses us in prayer — and God! "
Philip Yancey
"I know no one more trustworthy in guiding us into important questions such as these. And Plantinga's graceful style adds a layer of unexpected pleasure."
Lewis B. Smedes
"A book to nourish the heart, inform the mind, and delight the soul of anybody who loves tough truth expressed in a fine sentence and a good story. From start to finish, a joy to read."
Thomas G. Long
"One of Neal Plantinga's great gifts is the ability to communicate the depths of the Christian faith in ways that are clear, memorable, and lyrical. In Beyond Doubt that gift is in full flower. Here Plantinga shines the light of his good and faithful mind on the questions that all of us ask about God and life. "