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Holy Fairs
Scotland and the Making of American Revivalism
POD; Published: 10/16/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4966-3
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312 Pages
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Mark A. Noll in Journal of American History
"An outstanding monograph. . . The greatest triumph of the book is the discerning respect with which Schmidt unpacks the religious testimonies of ordinary people."
Colin Kidd in Journal of Ecclesiastical History
"Holy Fairs is a splendid piece of scholarship that dramatically improves our knowledge of early modern Presbyterian history."
Milton J. Coalter Jr. in Church History
"A finely nuanced treatment of a lost tradition in Reformed and revival history. . . This work is worth serious consideration by anyone interested in Reformation or Presbyterian history, evangelical Christianity, or the American revival experience."
Donald G. Mathews in William and Mary Quarterly
"Schmidt's sensitive, scholarly, intelligent, and well-written study is one of the finest recent monographs to be written in religious history in Scotland, northern Ireland, and America."
Keith M. Brown in Journal of British Studies
"A remarkable reconstruction of the revival communions that formed such a crucial ingredient of the religious life of Scottish communities in Scotland, Ulster, and America between the 1620s and the 1840s."
James H. Moorhead in Theology Today
"A major contribution to American religious history."
Keith Watkins in Worship
"Now and then a book reorganizes the way that people think about religion. Holy Fairs is this kind of book. Brilliantly written and thoroughly researched, this superb work brings into full view the eucharistic foundation that supported one part of evangelical Protestantism."
Robert M. Calhoon in Journal of Southern History
"Holy Fairs is one of the best books on the transmission of religion from the British Isles to North America. . . Deservedly the winner of the Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize of the American Society of Church History."