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Confessing Jesus Christ
Preaching in a Postmodern World
PAPERBACK; Published: 3/4/2003
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4983-0
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272 Pages
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With its relentless insistence that there is no reality beyond that which we construct, postmodern thought questions the presuppositions of many disciplines, including homiletics. Offering a lively description of the postmodern worldview and its implications for Christian faith, Confessing Jesus Christ by David Lose teaches preachers how to rise to the challenges posed by our postmodern world.

Few if any books on preaching offer such a comprehensive investigation of postmodern thought or yield such a wealth of insights for relevant Christian proclamation. Significantly, Lose sees postmodernism not primarily as an obstacle to the church but as an opportunity for it to stand once again on faith alone rather than on attempts to prove the faith. According to Lose, preaching that seeks to be both faithful to the Christian tradition and responsive to our pluralistic, postmodern context is best understood as the public practice of confessing faith in Jesus Christ. He explores the practical implications of a confessional homiletic for preaching and also provides concrete methods for preparing sermons that meaningfully bridge biblical texts and contemporary congregations.

Academy of Parish Clergy, Top Ten Books of the Year (2004)
John S. McClure
"Confessing Jesus Christ is a challenging and important book by a gifted homiletician. David Lose asks how preachers can boldly speak of the reality of Christ in a postmodern age in which reality is up for negotiation. He argues for a 'critical fideism' with which preachers confess a real and risen Lord in the context of an expansive critical conversation about the nature of Christian truth and, indeed, truth in general. By placing confession and critical conversation into the closest possible relationship, Lose offers us a homiletic that avoids the charges of uncritical fideism or biblicism on the one hand, and of relativism on the other."
A. K. M. Adam
"David Lose shows a deep appreciation of postmodern critical arguments, and he deploys his understanding to strengthen the work of preachers. Without departing from a robust faith, he proposes a homiletic that respects the insights that postmodern theory offers. His vision of a homiletics of confession connects thoughtful perspectives from speech-act theory, hermeneutics, theology, history, and exegetical study to offer a distinctive approach to the craft of preaching. Those who read Confessing Jesus Christ will be rewarded, challenged, and invited to join Lose in articulating the Word boldly, humbly, gently, and truthfully."
David Bartlett
"David Lose's book succeeds in four difficult tasks. Lose helps us to understand postmodernism and its implications for preaching. He provides a persuasive critique and revision of postmodernist claims. He applies his analysis to the task of preaching. And he offers a model of preaching as confession that deepens and broadens our understanding of the role of preaching in the life of the church. This is a learned, helpful, and stimulating book."