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Study Guide for Making Room
Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition
POD; Published: 10/4/2001
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4989-2
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79 Pages
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Christine D. Pohl's book Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition has helped foster renewal of the central but long-neglected practice of Christian hospitality. This new study guide for Making Room provides a variety of ways in which people can learn more about the practice. Designed for use by small groups -- though individuals will also profit from it -- the study guide is divided into nine lessons corresponding to the chapters of Making Room. Each lesson begins with an introduction briefly highlighting the main points of the book, followed by sections on group building, Scripture, discussion, reflection, and personal application. Each lesson also provides aids for group leaders and suggested activities to help participants begin to make the practice of hospitality part of their daily life.