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Gospel Women
Studies of the Named Women in the Gospels
Richard Bauckham
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PAPERBACK; Published: 5/15/2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4999-1
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343 Pages
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There have been many studies of the women in the Gospels, but this is a new kind of book on the subject. Rather than offering a general overview of the Gospel women or focusing on a single theme, Richard Bauckham studies in great depth both the individual women who appear in the Gospels and the specific passages in which they appear.

This unique approach reveals that there is much more to be known about such women than previous studies have assumed. Employing historical and literary readings of the biblical texts, Bauckham successfully captures the particularity of each woman he studies.

An opening look at the Old Testament book of Ruth introduces the possibilities of reading Scripture from a woman's perspective. Other studies examine the women found in Matthew's genealogies, the prophet Anna, Mary of Clopas, Joanna, Salome, and the women featured in the Gospel resurrection narrative. A number of these women have never been the subject of deep theological enquiry.

Unlike most recent books, Bauckham's work is not dominated by a feminist agenda. It does not presume in advance that the Gospel texts support patriarchal oppression, but it does venture some of the new and surprising possibilities that arise when the texts are read from the perspective of their female characters.

Astute, sensitive to issues of gender, and written by one of today's leading theologians, Gospel Women will be of interest to a wide range of readers.

Concordia Journal
"Richard Bauckham . . . has produced an unusual book in which his great learning is clearly on display. Not only is Bauckham very well versed in the New Testament, but he demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of both early Judaism and early Christianity. . . Heartily recommended to all serious students of the Gospels."
Catholic Library World
"As always in his writing, Richard Bauckham is thorough and meticulous with this comprehensive survey of the named women in the gospel tradition."
Tal Ilan
"This book is an interesting combination of theology, feminist thinking, and history. Richard Bauckham's erudition in the ancient Christian sources within the New Testament and without is impressive. His use of information derived from completely different disciplines as far afield as epigraphy and Targum is instructive and enlightening. This is not just another book on New Testament women. It is essential to all who are interested in women, history, ancient Judaism, and ancient Christianity."
Marianne Meye Thompson
"The texts that deal with women in the New Testament have been worked over so often it might seem that there is nothing left to say. In this masterful study Richard Bauckham easily proves this is not the case. Bauckham's acquaintance with feminist criticism and other approaches to these texts, his careful attention to the details of the narratives, and his fresh historical research bring an unparalleled depth to his work. Not only does he establish a benchmark for future interpretation, but he also models how close and careful study of a Gospel can illumine the whole. Those who would dismiss this book as 'just another work on women in the New Testament' will deprive themselves of the feast offered here."
Ben Witherington III
"Richard Bauckham is well known for his encyclopedic knowledge of early Judaism and its offshoot, early Jewish Christianity. Here he applies that depth of knowledge to a specific important subject ? the named women in the Gospels. The results are not only illuminating but exciting. This is an invaluable resource on the subject. Highly recommended!"
Religious Studies Review
"This is an outstanding volume that reflects the author's careful research and penchant for presenting essentials in language fit even for beginners."
Library Journal
"Bauckham has written an outstanding scholarly study of the women of the Christian Scriptures. . . At times, his speculations and findings, as in the substantial middle section on the Apostle Joanna, are nothing less than astonishing. A fine and perceptive book for scholars and lay readers alike; highly recommended."