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A Bird or Two
A Story about Henri Matisse
Bijou Le Tord
Ages 5-11
Full-color Illustrations Throughout
HARDCOVER; Published: 9/2/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5184-0
Price: $ 18.99
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 10 x 11
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Greens greener than apples, yellows more yellow than lemons. . .

In the brilliant sun of Nice, France, Henri Matisse painted the brightest, boldest colors he could imagine. Joyfully he painted everywhere and everyone. Enchanted and with a light heart, he painted all the time.

A Bird or Two introduces young readers to the beloved painter Henri Matisse. Bijou Le Tord's delightful illustrations capture the vivid colors of Matisse, and her poetic words sing to the music of his pictures.

Parent Council, Ltd. Magazine, Selected as
"Matisse is a dapper, grandfatherly figure on these pages, embodying a sense of art as life as surely as his paintings do."
Kirkus Reviews
"Using a free style of brushwork that evokes Matisse's own joy and energy, Le Tord alternates her versions of his art with scenes of the man himself, always nattily dressed, always industriously making art. This perceptive personal tribute will enhance readers' appreciation for Matisse's work."
Publishers Weekly
"When Le Tord declares that ‘Matisse/made us/“hear/with our/eyes/the music/he painted/in his/pictures,' her meaning comes through loud and clear — there is music in her work, too."
School Library Journal
"This lovely tribute to the father of modern art begins with his move to Nice, where he created some of his most joyful paintings, until his death at 84. . . Masterful illustrations filled with the rich colors, sparkling lights, and bold shapes that the artist loved echo his vision of life. This beautiful creation allows children to experience two gifted artists — Matisse and Le Tord."
The Horn Book Magazine
"Echoing Matisse's intense, beautifully balanced palette, his freely brushed black lines, and even his actual paintings, Le Tord creates a series of vibrant illustrations that in many ways resemble Matisse's own work."