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Caedmon's Song
HARDCOVER; Published: 1/1/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5241-0
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.5 x 11.25

Ages 6-10
Full-color Illustrations Throughout

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Long ago, when hardly anyone knew how to read or write, people recited stories by heart. They sat around the hearth at night, telling of heroes and monsters, great battles fought, and fortunes made and lost. On feast days, they passed the harp around the room so that everyone could sing a poem. But when the harp reached Caedmon, his thoughts dried up. He opened his mouth and nothing at all came out. It was embarrassing. No wonder he hated poetry.

A quiet man who loved tending his cows, Caedmon couldn't recite poetry because he thought he had no stories to tell. Then after one especially upsetting experience, Caedmon stormed home, fell asleep in the barn, and began to dream. That night, everything changed for Caedmon . . .

With jovial, heartwarming illustrations and beautifully illuminated letters, this tale is based on the true story of Caedmon, the seventh-century cowherd who became known as the first English poet.

Storytelling World, Honor Book (2007)
Publishers Weekly
"Young readers will likely find the brief profile of a little-known figure intriguing."
Kirkus Reviews
"The episode is a significant one in our cultural history, and it's been many a year since any other version of it has been offered for young readers."
Washington Parent
"In graceful prose that evokes the sights and sounds of the 7th century, Ruth Ashby shares the story of the first English poet in Caedmon's Song. . . . Illustrator Bill Slavin's acrylics have a rough-hewn, robust quality perfectly in keeping with the times."