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The Cricket Winter
Felice Holman
Robyn Thomas
Ages 8-12
Black-and-white illustrations
Lexile: 790L
HARDCOVER; Published: 8/29/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5289-2
Price: $ 15.00
93 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 8
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Simms Sylvanus is nine years old and enormously wise. He knows more about volcanoes than his father knows about business and more about electromagnetic fields than anyone in his class. His ideas to improve things are amazing! Yet nobody -- not even his parents -- will listen to him.

A cricket is living a solitary life beneath the floorboards in Simms' room. His bride-to-be has left him after a fight, and in his loneliness he turns for companionship to the other creatures who live underground. Soon he finds himself deeply involved in their struggle for survival.

Everything changes one winter's day when Simms and Cricket discover they can communicate with each other. Through Morse code, the two tell of their troubles, listen to each other's ideas, and together learn that it's sometimes difficult to do the right thing.

Reissued with charming new illustrations, this beloved classic is sure to delight a new generation of readers.

Children's Crown Award Reading Programs, Children's Crown Award Nominee List, 2008-2009
School Library Journal
"An original and convincing animal fantasy."
The New York Times
"In words as fragile as silk thread, [Holman] weaves her story with comments on the nature of boys, crickets, and life in general, creating a pattern both whimsical and grave. Moved by one passage, aroused by the next, the reader can explore The Cricket Winter as though it were a tapestry."
Washington Parent
"Black-and-white illustrations by Robyn Thomas bring a delicate touch to this wise tale, focused as much on compassion and humility as justice."
Horn Book Guide
"This deceptively simple story involves a complex moral issue."
Publishers Weekly
"An original and convincing animal fantasy."