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The Legend of Saint Christopher

Ages 5-10
Full-color Illustrations Throughout
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/23/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5360-8
Price: $ 10.00
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.5 x 11
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"Will you carry me safely over the water?" asked the child.
"I will carry you," Offero answered.
Then he lifted the child onto his shoulders.
He took his staff in his hand and stepped down into the river.
Off ero wants to find the greatest ruler in the world in order to serve him, and his search takes him from a king to the devil to a hermit who he hopes will help him. When a mysterious child asks Offero to carry him over the icy river, he obliges -- and only afterward does he discover the child's true identity. Then Offero's name is changed to Christopher.

Author Margaret Hodges retells with power and simplicity this unforgettable tale of the man who became known as the patron saint of travelers. And illustrator Richard Jesse Watson has created dramatic paintings that perfectly capture Offero's journey and his discovery of the One he sought.

Society of Illustrators, The Original Art Annual
Publishers Weekly
"Hodges masterfully adapts William Caxton's 15th-century translation of The Golden Legend to serve up a saint's tale with strong folkloric elements. . . Watson's artwork achieves a startling blend of the ancient and the timeless, the archetypal and the particular — he paints narrative elements in representational oils, reserving the backgrounds for abstract patterns that hint at the mythic roots of the legend."
"The familiar story of Saint Christopher gets an artful treatment here. . . . Children meeting this story for the first time will still be drawn to it, just as others have been over the centuries."
The Catholic Observer
"The author has adapted this very beautiful and familiar legend of St. Christopher, giving it several dramatic touches. . . . Full-color illustrations by Richard Jesse Watson are absolutely gorgeous, with vibrating colors and realistic images."
The Horn Book Guide
"Hodges does an admirable job retelling the thirteenth-century legend, and Watson's illustrations convey the magnitude of the story."