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Ages 3-7
Full-color illustrations throughout
HARDCOVER; Published: 5/27/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5372-1
Price: $ 14.00
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.25 x 8.25
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In this lighthearted and nearly wordless book, a hapless little dinosaur leaves a trail of mayhem behind him as he jumps from one disaster right into another. To the consternation of his whole family, it seems that he can do nothing right.

Mary Newell DePalma's bright watercolor paintings tell the simple, hilarious story of this mischievous but endearing little dinosaur's disastrous day. Children will be amused as they follow the main character from one scrape to the next.

Kids can add their own personal touch with a col oring page. Crayons not included.

Kirkus Reviews
"If young kids haven't already learned to exclaim 'Uh-oh' over some mishap, it's guaranteed they will after reading this entertaining romp.
        The action begins even before the title page, when a young dinosaur kicks a couch pillow. In slow motion, it crashes into the building blocks of his siblings, and a series of childhood accidents ensues. He jumps onto a flowerpot that spills; gets a broom to sweep it up but knocks over a gallon of milk; uses a throw rug to mop up the floor; puts the rug in the dishwasher to clean it. Of course, he oversoaps the machine and bubbles erupt, dishes are broken, water floods the floor so high that he grabs onto a broken shelf and floats out the window. He picks up the pieces and returns to the kitchen, where his parents are mopping up. As punishment, he is sent to sit in the corner. But — 'uh-oh' — he finds a stick of gum under the rug, and you guessed it, bubble gum has him covered in the pink, sticky stuff. Since the term 'uh-oh,' which is virtually the only text, appears only seven times, the humor relies on the lively watercolor illustrations to create the visual narrative. They comically animate each episode almost like cartoon strips."