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Images of God for Young Children
Barbara Nascimbeni
Marie-helene Delval
Ages 4-9
Full-color Illustrations Throughout
HARDCOVER; Published: 12/9/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5391-2
Price: $ 17.00
94 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.25 x 8.25
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The Bible describes God in many different ways: God is light; God is joy; God is wisdom. God is the beauty that fills the earth and the rock we stand on, the promises we live by and the fire that purifies us. This volume offers a collection of these images, presented in simple language that young readers can easily understand.

This book's bright artwork and lyrical text, written by the bestselling author of Psalms for Young Children, explores how, even though we cannot see or touch God, we can still discover him in our world.
Catholic Press Association Book Awards, First Place,
Publishers Weekly
"With eloquent simplicity in both prose and illustrations, this introspective book, first published in France, offers complex theological concepts in a manner that's accessible to young readers. Declarative sentences appear against white backgrounds, for example, 'God is mercy.' A concise, poetic explanation follows: 'God comforts us when we are not proud of what we've done.' The opposing, full-bleed painting depicts a penitent girl, nestled securely on a white petaled flower against a sage and orange backdrop. Delval's descriptions encompass a wide range of biblically-based images of the divine, some familiar (path, fortress, promise, light, savior) and others surprising, such as 'God is smallness' and 'God is secret.' Nascimbeni's illustrations incorporate bright patterns and strong, solid sections of color, with children and animals depicted in a variety of whimsical scenarios (flying above trees, floating on clouds), evoking cultures, landscapes, and creatures from across the globe. The painting for 'God is bread' shows multiethnic children surrounding a table evocative of the planet Earth with Jesus' hands breaking bread to share. A graceful, comprehensive introduction to the biblical witness and a welcome new devotional resource."
Kirkus Reviews
"Delval continues her series of introductory books on Christian themes with this latest exploration, which sets out to explain the concept of God to children in creative, often metaphorical ways. The format offers one aspect or characteristic describing God on each left-hand page, using the structure 'God is . . . ,' which is followed by a short explanation set in large type. Many of these characteristics are commonly discussed in Christian settings, such as viewing God as a shepherd, healer, or parent. Other images of God are unusual, presenting God as silence or joy or in our tears. The explanatory text is written in a thoughtful, calm voice with a comforting vision of God in the description of each characteristic. Though God is referred to with traditional terminology as male and as a father figure, the overall impression is a fairly contemporary view of God as kind, loving and all-encompassing. This modern point of view is complemented by Nascimbeni's bright, imaginative illustrations on the right-hand pages, using children and images from nature painted in a cheery, surrealistically childlike style."