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I Wish I Had...

Ages 4—8
Lexile: AD800L
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/4/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5415-5
Price: $ 16.00
26 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 9 x 12.375
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With its sharp eyes, the blackbird can see every blade of grass in the meadow. The wings of the wild goose can carry it far away. And the song of the whale fills the wide ocean. Each animal has skills and beauty wholly unique to itself. And in this lyrical book, a child describes the skill and the beauty possessed by various animals.

Giovanna Zoboli's fluid and lyrical descriptions, complemented by Simona Mulazzani's bright and charming illustrations, will leave the reader charmed by its sense of wonder and awe.

Kids can add their own personal touch with a coloring page. Crayons not included.

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Paterson Prize Honor Book
Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)
"This simple, graceful, and even majestic meditation reflects on the beauty and strength of familiar animals. . . . With poetic language and paintings that carry something close to the impact of icons, Zoboli and Mulazzani offer an attitude of reverence for the natural world."
Booklist (STARRED review)
"Books inviting children to imagine themselves as animals are ubiquitous and a playful way to encourage imagination, but most don't have the scope of this beautiful Italian import. There is a dignified eloquence at work here, and the narrator's wishes are not merely the desire of a child to be like an animal, but a longing for a tangible connection to an often intangible universe. . . . This is a book of big ideas, sparingly told, and full of wonder."