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Friends of Liberty
Beatrice Gormley
Ages 9—14
PAPERBACK; Published: 8/1/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5418-6
Price: $ 9.99
192 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.25 x 8
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It's 1773, and Boston is in political turmoil. As tension rises between England and the colonies, lines are being drawn between the Loyalists and the Patriots. And Sally Gifford, a shoemaker's daughter, finds herself on the opposite side from her best friend Kitty Lawton, the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

Sally is torn between her cherished friendship and her loyalties to her own family and community in their fight for freedom. As the conflict continues to grow more charged in the weeks leading up to the Boston Tea Party, Sally finds within herself a bravery she didn't know she had, and ultimately takes a stand for what she comes to find is most important.

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2014 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People Grades
Redeemed Reader
"Friends of Liberty is sturdy historical fiction of the kind that's not published too much these days. . . . The story delivers some exciting moments and challenging quandaries, and is especially strong with character building."