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Roger is Reading a Book
Koen Van Biesen
Ages 4 to 8
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/2/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5442-1
Price: $ 16.99
48 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 9 x 9.625
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A hilarious, lively story that celebrates the joy of reading

All Roger wants is some peace and quiet so he can read his book. Unfortunately, the girl in the apartment next door has hobbies of her own — very loud hobbies! But when Roger gives the girl a book of her own, she discovers that reading can be just as much fun as playing basketball or banging a drum.

This playful and engaging read-aloud from an award-winning Belgian author shows readers that shared activities can lead to rewarding friendships.

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"The perfect book for book lovers of all ages. . . . Goofy, smart, giddily delightful, Belgian master Koen Van Biesen is quite the remarkable book artist."
Publishers Weekly
"Van Biesen's fluid line, witty typography, and bits of photographic collage give this story an abundance of style. . . . The comic escalation of Emily's noisy pursuits, combined with delightfully unexpected details . . . add up to a beautifully crafted piece of work."
"A charming story made even more so by the original, beautiful design."
100 Scope Notes
"The text is wonderfully efficient — simple and straightforward, with keen use of repetition. I've been reading it to Kindergarten classes recently and can attest to the book's read-aloud effectiveness. It has humor, which always plays well (including the final punchline of Roger's dachshund taking a bathroom break on a city lamppost), and a nice mix of quiet and loud moments which making for dynamic reading. . . . The mixed-media illustrations bring a playful tone to the story, with bright colors on ample white space. . . . Unique yet exceedingly inclusive, Roger is Reading a Book will make a delightful addition to your picture book collection."
Jen Robinson's Book Page
"An enjoyable romp."
Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews
"This wonderfully clever book will delight young readers and will certainly resonate with their grownups who are probably very familiar with Roger's predicament. With a minimal text and lots of sound words, this is the kind of book young children will enjoy looking through on their own."
"A charming story made even more so by the original, beautiful design."
The Horn Book Magazine
"Visually stimulating, this well-designed package of noises, books, and human nature is like an offbeat piece of chamber music."
Spirituality & Practice
"All book readers – young and old alike – will appreciate this tale and its universal messages about the lack of silence, noise, and handling conflict with spiritual insight."