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The Yes

Ages 4 to 8
HARDCOVER; Published: 2/16/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5449-0
Price: $ 16.00
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 9.5 x 11
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A charming story about optimism and self- confidence

The Yes is a cheerful orange creature who sets off to explore the big wide Where. But the Where is home to the Nos, who travel in packs and discourage the Yes at every turn. They tell the Yes that the tree is too big to climb, the bridge is too rickety to cross, the woods are too scary to explore. But even just one Yes is stronger than countless Nos.

Fans of Dr. Seuss will fall in love with the bright illustrations and clever wordplay, and the heartwarming message about overcoming obstacles makes this book the perfect graduation gift.

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Kirkus Reviews
"A nice choice for counselors and others working with children to build social-emotional skills. Comforting and full of encouragement, this may be just the selection for adults or children struggling with fear and self-doubt."
The Wall Street Journal
"It can be risky for a writer to use playful homonyms and nonsense words — too many and the result can be cloying and unreadable. And if we also get a heavy lesson, well — it's a risk. All of which makes Sarah Bee's The Yes the more remarkable for its wit and freshness. . . . Fun to read, this encouraging picture book will resonate with 3- to 6-year-olds — and their families."
Catholic News Service
"In this quirky story accompanied with equally interesting illustrations, a big Yes seeks out a Where to go. . . . Shy and overly cautious children will benefit from this unique book's message of believing in yourself and ignoring the naysayers and inner `no.'"
Children's Literature
"Bee has written a clever and inventive tale that is not only entertaining, but also gives children the message of confidence and positivity without being didactic or boring. Kitamura's illustrations. . . . are as imaginative as Bee's words. . . . This is a book not to be missed."
Congregational Libraries Today
"With inventive and playful language, Bee breaks rules and invents a few words of her own. . . . Kitamura's vivid color illustrations will delight young ones as they enjoy the daring of the Yes amid the chorus of Nos. Although The Yes has no religious content, it will capture imaginations and bolster spirits. Recommended.
Jewish Family Times
"A great antidote to peer pressure and standing up to societal norms."
Horn Book Guide
"The cadenced language and expansive watercolor spreads of this U.K. import make it a good read-aloud."