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I'm Right Here

Ages 4 to 8
HARDCOVER; Published: 10/1/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5455-1
Price: $ 16.00
28 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 7.875 x 9
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An accessible book about a difficult topic

"Are you ever afraid?" William asks his grandmother. But her answer isn't what he expects. His grandma isn't afraid of big dogs or thunder and lightning like William is. Instead, she's afraid that she won't see the flowers bloom next spring. She's afraid that she'll miss the magpie building its nest. Most of all, she's afraid of losing the things she loves — especially William. But then it's William's turn to surprise her with his response.

With soft, inviting artwork, this reassuring story contains a stirring message about the power and constancy of love.

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Kirkus Reviews
"This tale has a warm and tranquil quality that, blended with the striking and accessible illustrations, soothes and comforts like a familiar blanket. A gentle and reassuring depiction of the cycle of life."
Publishers Weekly
"In this poignant story, an anxious boy walks through a forest with his grandmother. . . . When William asks her what she is afraid of, she says, 'I'm afraid that I won't see the swans down in the pond.... I'm afraid of never again seeing those proud white birds gliding across the water.' . . . When William's grandmother explains that it's the losses that will accompany her eventual death that frighten her, he offers her solace. Duzakin alternates between the softly lit forest scenes and ominous, gray depictions of Williams's fear-driven scenarios while Orbeck-Nilssen maintains a gentle, comforting tone, emphasizing serenity over gloominess."