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The Call of the Swamp
HARDCOVER; Published: 9/25/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5486-5
Price: $ 16.00
26 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.25 x 11.5
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A sweetly offbeat adoption story

Boris is a normal kid: he goes to school and rides his bike and climbs trees, just like all the other children. It doesn't matter that he has scales and gills, or that his parents found him in a swamp when he was just a baby. But one day Boris catches the scent of his old home, and suddenly he's not quite sure where he belongs. He journeys to the swamp, filled with questions, and eventually discovers the only answer he needs.

From the creators of The Queen of the Frogs comes an enchanting, nuanced story about adoption and family.
The New York Times
"Pulls off the rare trick of blending whimsy with genuine ache. . . . Will appeal to any child who has ever felt the sting of not knowing where he or she belongs — which is pretty much all of them. And us."
Publishers Weekly
"Cali isn’t afraid to ask big, philosophical questions. . . . The story’s fairy tale–like quality and melancholic images leave a haunting impression."
"The whimsical, otherworldly nature of the illustrations nicely matches Cali’s fablelike
text. . . . The warm conclusion, that family is made up of people who love you, even if they don’t look like you, is a cozy one ideal for kids who feel like outsiders."
School Library Journal
"Readers will never encounter a more likable and endearing creature than this swamp baby. "