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Roger Is Going Fishing
HARDCOVER; Published: 9/4/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5491-9
Price: $ 16.00
42 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 9.625" x 9"

Ages 4 to 8

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Roger and his neighbor Emily are heading to the lake to do some fishing. But the city sidewalks are crowded—so crowded that Emily accidentally catches a few things that are decidedly not fish. A small mob starts to chase after her and Roger, but soon everyone discovers that a trip to the lake is just what they needed to cool off.

This zany read-aloud from the author of Roger Is Reading a Book shows readers that sometimes a series of mishaps can turn strangers into friends.
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW
“There’s a constant sense of movement in Van Biesen’s elegant mixed-media illustrations, which balance a chic urban environment with loads of physical comedy. The repetition and sound effects built into the storytelling add to the fun (“Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Bumble-de-bump! Bumble-de-bump!”) as Van Biesen shows how serendipity and misadventure can result in an unforgettable day.”
“An amusing story; with its repetitive text sure to appeal to kids, and its double-page spreads filled with lively mixed-media pictures that grow increasingly crowded, readers will fall for it—hook, line, and sinker.”