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Anders Holmer
Ages 4 to 8
HARDCOVER; Published: 10/9/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5507-7
Price: $ 17.00
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.5 x 11
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A poetry collection celebrating the wonders of the natural world 

This haiku collection will enchant both nature lovers and budding poets. The spare, lyrical text describes a series of short vignettes, each of them taking place in a different kind of rain, from thunderstorms to falling flower petals. The poems—some serious, some gently humorous—depict scenes from all over the globe: a horse struggling to plow a field, a father changing a tire while his children play, and two friends making up after a fight. 

With its majestic artwork, this introduction to a classic poetic form will inspire readers to write their own haiku as they experience the amazing world around them.

Kirkus Reviews (STARRED review)
"[These poems] invite readers to pore over each colorful, expressive illustration to discover visual clues contained in the spare verse. A unique read-aloud that blends world cultures, poetic form, and natural splendor."
Publishers Weekly
"The paintings, friezelike sweeps in quiet earth tones, hold interest in every corner, brushed with delicate, even exquisite detail. . . . Incident, humor, and close observation all conspire to invite readers to see rain—and the world—in new ways."
School Library Journal
"The haiku in this book center on rain in its many and varied forms, from gentle patterning to ferocious thunderstorms. Simple illustrations complement the poems perfectly."
“To be fully appreciated, this quiet book requires readers to take the time to study the paintings and ponder the well-chosen words.”