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Phone Call with a Fish
HARDCOVER; Published: 9/5/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5510-7
Price: $ 17.00
48 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.25 x 9
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A story for anyone who has felt like a fish out of water 

There’s a boy in class who doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t yell when a student steps on his foot, and he writes his answers to the teacher’s questions on the board. One of his classmates is trying to understand why he’s so quiet, but she can’t figure it out. But then one day the class goes to the science museum, and she discovers a phone with an aquarium full of fish on the other end of the line. And the fish, as it turns out, aren’t silent after all—they just have their own way of communicating. 

This empathy-building story will encourage readers to approach others with compassion and understanding.


Hillary Perelyubskiy in School Library Journal
"An appropriately quiet story with gentle illustrations using muted blues and browns, sketchy lines, and wonderful page divisions that speak to Sualzo’s experience as a graphic novelist. The husband-and-wife team have created a harmonious book that will help shy kids feel seen."

“Soft, sketchy artwork in a cool, calm palette sets the tone for this contemplative picture book about a kind, curious girl and her unusually quiet classmate. . . . The general message of striving to understand rather than vilify someone different is powerful.”