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Sweet Dreamers
Isabelle Simler
Ages 4 to 8
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/26/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5517-6
Price: $ 19.00
80 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 9.5 x 10.625
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A gorgeous bedtime book from an award-winning creator

From the celebrated creator of Plume and The Blue Hour comes another enchanting animal book. Countless cozy animals are settling in for the night, but they all sleep in different ways. A bat dreams upside down, a hedgehog snuggles into a pile of leaves, and a humpback whale spins in its sleep like a ballerina.

With its poetic language and lush illustrations, Sweet Dreamers will dazzle young readers as they drift off to sleep themselves.


2020 Capitol Choices Noteworthy Book for Children and Teens

Alabama Department of Education Camellia Children’s Choice Book Award Nominee (2019-2020)

Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Books of the Year List (2020)

Kirkus (STARRED Review)
"A stylized, visually stunning introduction to animals and animal facts that doubles neatly as a bedtime story. . . . The satisfyingly large trim size, soothing pacing, and imaginative text invite shared (and frequent) reading. A delight."
"The alluring digital illustrations resemble scratchboard artwork, with an electric rainbow of color peeking through backdrops of black, blue, white, or pink, to name a few. . . . The book’s calming tone and drowsy animals destine it for bedside tables."
Elizabeth Bird
— Fuse #8
"Luminous in its linework, this is a book begging to be shared and read over and over again. A little something for everyone, and a whole lot of something you’ve never seen before."


"[Simler's] dense, detailed illustrations, highlighted with vibrant touches of color, depict the glittering majesty of the natural world at night. The perfect way to wind down the day, Sweet Dreamers is the ultimate bedtime read."

School Library Journal (STARRED review)
"Lyrical language and stunning, semi-realistic digital artwork strike a serene balance between dreamland and the natural world. Atmospheric spreads and imagery-packed verses depict a variety of sleeping animals in their habitats. . . . Contrasting dusky hues with bright oranges and greens, Simler’s handsomely composed images expertly use lines to create texture and depth. . . . Share this exquisite offering as an introduction to the sleep habits of different animals, an imagination-stirring example for poetry writing, or a soothing bedtime story to inspire sweet dreams."
Publishers Weekly
“Whimsically pondering what could be in the minds of a menagerie of sleepers, Simler uses descriptive language to cleverly evoke dreams drawn from animals’ distinguishing characteristics and habitats.”