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HARDCOVER; Published: 9/28/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5569-5
Price: $ 17.99
48 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.8 x 11
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Come closer and look at these rocks: they’re not normal stones at all! They’re thousands and thousands of mollusks, fossilized together in the sediment. But how did a million oysters ever land on top of a mountain? 

Written by a geologist, this inquisitive journey guides readers through the movements of seas, strata, and tectonic plates. The landscapes of the present can be clues to events in the past. Lush, atmospheric illustrations offer fascinating details to discover, and sidebars and an extensive glossary provide intriguing connections to marine biology and scientific history. 

A compelling introduction to earth science, this book will encourage readers to ask questions, think critically, and embrace their curiosity about the natural world.


World Literature Today Notable Translations List (2021)

Kirkus Reviews Best Picture Books of the Year List (2021)

New York Public Library Best Books for Kids List (2021)

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“A marvelous combination of scientific inquiry and wonder.”
Publishers Weekly
“Static landscapes in cool greens and browns shift to fine-grained vignettes that illuminate an engaging, conversational back-and-forth.”
The Horn Book Magazine
“Nogués combines a geologist’s eye, a teacher’s cadence, and his own joy and wonder about the world to organize explanations of geologic time, fossil formation, stratigraphy, and mountain building into a puzzle to be solved.”
“Lora's mostly full-bleed gouache artwork makes use of greens, browns, and reds and will help readers visualize the concepts discussed. She makes good use of cutaway views and spot art for certain details, and her sidebars, like ‘Tiny Marine Beings,’ are particularly informative.”