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The Miracle Seed
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/28/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5590-9
Price: $ 18.99
80 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6.5 x 9.5
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The thrilling true story of an ancient plant, wonderfully reborn in the modern era through the hard work of two female scientists.

Thousands of years ago, in a time of rebellion, the Jewish people fought against their Roman rulers. The brutal Emperor Titus ordered the destruction of everything precious to the Jews: towns, villages, even their beloved Judean date palm trees. Centuries passed. The Jewish people were scattered, and the Judean date palm faded into extinction. Then, in 1963, a team of archaeologists uncovered two-thousand-year-old date palm seeds at the ruined fortress of Masada. For another forty years the seeds waited—until 2004, when Israeli scientist Dr. Sarah Sallon had a big, courageous idea. What if those ancient seeds could bring the Judean date palm back to life? Dr. Sallon recruited her friend Dr. Elaine Solowey, and their amazing experiment began…

Intertwining world history, the scientific process, and colorfully detailed artwork, The Miracle Seed follows the Judean date palm’s journey from tragic extinction to incredible rebirth. Captivating and hopeful, this graphic novel is an unforgettable look at perseverance and survival in the face of impossible odds. 


PJ Library Selection (2023)

Junior Library Guild Selection (2023)

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“Students interested in science will be fascinated by this unique blend of ancient history and modern science, skillfully combined in an easy-to-understand, easily navigable graphic novel.”
The Wall Street Journal
The Miracle Seed not only reads like an adventure but also exudes an optimism of the kind that children ages 8–14 deserve.”
School Library Journal
“This story is simply told in easy and smooth narration, with artwork that is rich in color and pairs well with the text, adding layers of meaning.”