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HARDCOVER; Published: 9/5/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5610-4
Price: $ 17.99
40 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 8.25 x 11
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A playful, humorous look at being small but dreaming big.

As a child and her mother walk up to the swimming pool, she dreams about everything she’ll do when she’s older. Maybe she’ll dance with jellyfish. Maybe she’ll fly to Saturn in a space rocket. She could even play with the monster under her bed! But for now, she’ll have to face that terrifyingly tall diving board…

With alliterative language and explosively colorful illustrations, When I’m Big is an amusing journey through all sorts of fantastical futures. As readers travel to tropical rainforests, the North Pole, and beyond, they will start to dream about what their tomorrows could bring.

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“Deftly captures a child’s sense of wonder at the vastness of the world.”
Foreword Reviews
“Gorgeous watercolor illustrations utilize bright washes of color and simple black ink lines to depict the child’s grand desires—cleaning the teeth of tigers, sleeping in haunted castles, diving with a mermaid—before she determines that, for now, she’s comfortable exactly where she is.”
“The girl’s dauntless spirit shines through all her fantasies in this springboard for imaginative flights.”