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A (Very) Critical Introduction
Marcus Pound
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POD; Published: 8/20/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6001-9
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184 Pages
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Series: Interventions (INTS)

Afterword by Slajov Žižek

It has been the brilliance of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek (b. 1949) to uniquely weave theology, psychoanalysis, and politics together into stunning commentary on contemporary culture. Assuming little prior knowledge of this controversial (atheist, communist) philosopher, Marcus Pound provides the first comprehensive, systematic account of Žižek's work as it relates specifically to theology and religious studies.
Gerard Loughlin
— Durham University
"With clarity and humor, and in wonderfully short compass, Marcus Pound introduces the thought of not only Slavoj Žižek but also his guru, Jacques Lacan. Pound finds in these masters of inversion a profound anti-theology that only needs to become more theological — more orthodox — in order to work, to rid us of complacency. This is a book for those new to Žižek and for those who, knowing him already, want to know him newly — as the theologian he might almost be. It's as enjoyable as reading Žižek himself."
Matthew Sharpe
— author of Slavoj Žižek: A Little Piece of the Real
"Slavoj Žižek's work, always iconoclastic, has since 1997 embraced the seemingly scandalous project of a materialist theology. Marcus Pound's new book is a long-called-for response, from within the field of theology, that takes Žižek's theological turn seriously, testing it against its sources and situating it within wider theological debates. In doing so, Pound achieves a very searching examination of Žižek's oeuvre, significantly recasting the reception of Žižek's work. Pound's theological perspective also allows him to pose searching questions about what he provocatively calls Žižek's ‘politics of abandonment' and about the wider situation of the post-Enlightenment Left today."