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Opening Up the Scriptures
Joseph Ratzinger and the Foundations of Biblical Interpretation
POD; Published: 7/31/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6011-8
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174 Pages
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Series: Ressourcement: Retrieval and Renewal in Catholic Thought (RRRCT)

Opening Up the Scriptures was written by a group of eminent Catholics, including Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger -- now Pope Benedict XVI. In these erudite essays the authors contend that historical-critical interpretation of Scripture has long since run its course in both Protestant and Catholic exegesis. Instead, they argue, the future of interpretation lies in accepting that the Bible is not just a collection of historical documents but also a record of revelation conceived in faith. By this token, true exegesis involves the faith and humility of the exegete.

Paul Beauchamp
Bruna Costacurta
Ignace de la Potterie
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Klemens Stock
Albert Cardinal Vanhoye