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The Consolations of Theology
POD; Published: 4/29/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6040-8
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170 Pages
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Inspired by Alain de Botton's bestselling Consolations of Philosophy, this volume shows how theology can be of practical value to every believer. The great theologians in the history of the church have always found that theology affords genuine comfort in the face of life's difficulties. In The Consolations of Theology Brian Rosner and other practical theologians present a compelling blend of biography and theology that profoundly addresses the perennial human problems of anger, obsession, despair, anxiety, disappointment, and p a i n . < b r > < b r > < b>Contributors:
Gwenfair Walters Adams
Robert Banks
Peter Bolt
Andrew Cameron
Richard Gibson
Brian Rosner
Mark Thompson
Gerald Bray
— Beeson Divinity School
"This remarkable book shows us how the best Christian theology has always informed the mind and comforted the soul at the same time. It is an outstanding achievement and will help us all to appreciate more deeply the salutary effect that theological study can and should have on our lives."
Peter F. Jensen
— Archbishop of Sydney
"Refreshing and helpful, The Consolations of Theology recovers great theological insights from the past to help sustain us in the present."
John W. De Gruchy
— University of Cape Town
"Imaginatively conceived and thoughtfully executed, this book will surely attract a wide and grateful readership. Collectively the essays demonstrate that theology at its best, whether ancient or modern, speaks to the human condition because it is born of personal struggle deep within the soul."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"A concise book which demonstrates how Christian theology can be of great importance to Christians who are experiencing various forms of suffering. . . . Contains great wisdom and insight."
Religious Studies Review
"The volume is more than a pastoral tool, but a series of thick explorations of what it means to think through human experience theologically. . . . Suitable for both popular reading and for pastoral theology courses."
Reformed Theological Review
"The collection is a joy and a delight. . . . Highly recommended.
Word & World
"Brian S. Rosner . . . has presented an accessible and heartfelt piece. . . . This book is well worth its price."
Covenant Quarterly
"As the prayer book says, this collection is one that we should 'read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.' It is a book of much worth."
Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology
"An excellent discussion of a neglected but most relevant subject."