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Joy in Our Weakness
A Gift of Hope from the Book of Revelation
POD; Published: 7/8/2002
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6069-9
Price: $ 25.50
234 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Neither a commentary on the book of Revelation nor a devotional work -- though it offers aspects of both -- Joy in Our Weakness is instead a theological and practical guide that ushers readers into the very presence of Christ and His Lordship over the powers of evil. Marva Dawn writes compassionately for those who suffer, for this book was born out of her own struggles with physical limitations and chronic illness, and it is intended to help the whole Church learn how to find Joy in every circumstance of life, especially in trials and sufferings.

After outlining some important foundational principles in three introductory chapters, Dawn guides readers through the whole book of Revelation, pointing out the errors of those who try to calendarize the end of the world and instead delineating how The Revelation reveals Christ's Lordship, exposes the workings of the powers, and sustains those who suffer until evil is ultimately defeated. Now thoroughly revised for a wider readership, Joy in Our Weakness highlights The Revelation's original purpose -- to comfort afflicted, suffering believers -- and spells out a biblically grounded "theology of weakness," offering a rare gift to the Church today. A wealth of insight and encouragement truly awaits the readers of these pages.

Johann Christoph Arnold
"How often I have read the book of Revelation, each time discovering new depths. But reading it yet again alongside Marva Dawn's wonderful new book, Joy in Our Weakness, I marvel at how much I have missed. Her second chapter is called 'The Gift of Weakness,' and Dawn, herself profoundly debilitated by brittle diabetes, uses the lens of her own weakness to bring us the gospel message in sharp new focus. "
Eugene Peterson
"We live in apocalyptic times. The media keeps us abreast of catastrophe: 9/11, suicide bombings, famine and poverty, degradation and exploitation, political corruption and economic rapacity. What the media doesn't do is deal with the accompanying suffering, so much of it invisible. Marva Dawn guides us into dealing with the suffering, using The Revelation as her text — good news for a culture uncertainly divided between panic and complacency."
Craig Koester
"Joy in Our Weakness invites us to discover the significance of Revelation for Christian faith and life. Marva Dawn brings questions raised by experiences, both the profound and the ordinary, to her reading of Scripture. As she reflects on the last book of the Bible, she helps us see the challenges, conflicts, and joys of life with new eyes. It is a book for the journey of faith."