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The Parables of Jesus
A Commentary
POD; Published: 6/22/2000
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6077-4
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552 Pages
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Series: The Bible in Its World (BIW)

This inaugural volume in the Bible in Its World series offers a comprehensive commentary on the parables of Jesus. Arland Hultgren's outstanding work features fresh translations of the parables in the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of Thomas, followed by interpretive notes and commentary on the theological meaning and significance of each parable for readers today.

After an introductory chapter on the nature of parables and their interpretation, Hultgren studies the thirty-eight parables of Jesus thematically, exploring in turn "parables of the revelation of God," "parables of exemplary behavior," "parables of wisdom," "parables of life before God," "parables of final judgment," "allegorical parables," and "parables of the kingdom." He also discusses how the three evangelists used the parables within the literary framework and theological interests of their Gospels. The book ends with a close look at the parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas.

Distinctive in the field for its scope of coverage and its goal of addressing the widest possible audience, this volume will be a valuable study resource for classrooms, churches, and general readers.

Theological Book Review
"A readable and useful addition to both the student's and the preacher's library. Making thorough scholarship accessible to a very wide readership, this is a book to be strongly recommended."
Bulletin for Biblical Research
"A solid piece of critical, exegetical, and theological work. . . Students and scholars alike will find this study very useful."
CBA Marketplace
"Hultgren, a seminary professor, shows his familiarity with Christ's parables in this critical commentary. His exegetical comments are instructive and insightful, his style straightforward, and the argumentation easy to follow for advanced or novice students. . . This is a superb reference work for anyone wanting to study Christ's parables seriously."
"The particular quality of this book, among the multitude of books on the parables, is the crispness of its presentation and of its judgments. . . Anyone who handles the parables in preaching or teaching will find the book an ideal resource."
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"An encyclopedic study of the parables of Jesus. . . There is something to learn (and probably something to challenge) in each of these contributions."
The Bible Today
"Hultgren . . . provides a comprehensive treatment of the parables in this quality volume. . . This fine book gives the biblical student or informed lay reader a thorough and judicious overview of the extraordinary richness of the parables."
Currents in Theology and Mission
"Anyone who preaches or teaches using the church's lectionaries has to come to terms with Jesus' parables. Hultgren's book is a rich resource for understanding the parables in general and for providing commentary and insight on individual parables in particular."
Methodist Recorder (U.K.)
"The Parables of Jesus will shed new light on the parables for everyone. A detailed, but readable, commentary, it ought to be as widely used as Dodd and Jeremias were in their day. . . You don't have to be a scholar to appreciate this book. With more that 500 pages of superb scholarship, it is good value indeed."
Richard A. Lischer
"Hultgren's commentary moves with perfect clarity from the text to exegesis to thoughtful exposition of these enigmatic sayings of Jesus. Any preacher or teacher of the parables will return to this book as to a faithful and reliable friend."
Robert Kysar
"This is undoubtedly the best book available on the parables. In this veritable enyclopedia Arland Hultgren masterfully employs a wide range of the best scholarship in the service of the church, providing helpful and insightful comments on how the parables can be taught and preached. A treasure for both scholars and preachers."
"This book belongs in every library whose readers study parables. While the scholarship is thorough, the style deliberately makes it accessible even to novice students. . . An excellent place to begin serious study of the parables."
Donald A. Hagner
"Hultgren's wonderful treatment of the parables combines the highest level of scholarship, in a non-technical presentation, with a down-to-earth usefulness and insightful application — all of which superbly clarifies their meaning. Here is a book I would immediately, unhesitatingly, and enthusiastically put in the hands of anyone who wants help in understanding Jesus' parables."
Theological Studies
"Useful for those wanting a survey of modern scholarly work on the parables as well as for those interested in the evidence and arguments marshaled by Hultgren in support of a portrait of Jesus as a theologian who uses parables to communicate his views of God and the nature of the Christian life. . . Very readable."