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Searching for God in Godforsaken Times and Places
Reflections on the Holocaust, Racism, and Death
POD; Published: 7/2/2003
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6084-2
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120 Pages
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PEN Center USA, Finalist, Creative
William McKinney
"This book is public theology at its best. As a black man living in America, as a distinguished scholar of the Holocaust, and as a son grieving the loss of his parents, Hubert Locke invites us to faithful acts of defiance in the face of despair. In a time when many seek easy answers to tough questions, or wish to avoid dealing with those questions at all, Locke demonstrates the power of scripture and disciplined theological reflection. This is a book of rare eloquence and power."
John M. Perkins
"Hubert Locke is a great thinker with many important things to say. In this book he deals with doubt and skepticism in a personal, open, and very creative way. Yet he has much more to say besides. This is a discussion not merely about the challenges of a contemporary world marred by conflict but also of what the church itself is and ought to be. In one of his deepest and most sobering reflections, Locke points out that the church has often been 'a mirror of the world's smaller, narrower prejudices,' not least in the way that the church has lived with and accepted racism as a part of its existence. For Locke, this is the worst of sins — one which must be confronted and overcome with a renewed understanding of how Christ's body transcends human divisions and separations. I heartily recommend this honest, profound, and — above all — thought-provoking book to anyone who wrestles with doubt in today's difficult world."
Carol Rittner
"Hubert Locke's new book is simultaneously disturbing, challenging, compelling, and inspiring. Because he has not been afraid to face honestly his personal questions of faith — not to mention his doubts and uncertainties about what it means to live as a confessing Christian in our uncertain, confusing, mean-spirited, disappointing, fragile world — he is able to speak in a clear, firm voice suffused with sensitivity and love. An extraordinary man of intellect and heart, Locke has written a profound book, one filled with hope despite it all."
Martin Rumscheidt
"The 'godforsaken times and places' that Hubert Locke addresses in this book were not chosen by someone standing by, desirous to give an 'answer' from the perspective of a believer; rather, they are realities that imposed themselves inescapably on him — and still do. What he calls 'reflections' are actually a rigorous search for honesty within and to himself as a person of faith in God. Addressing doubt and skepticism with honesty and integrity, Locke allows readers not only to be present with another human being confronted by 'godforsakenness' but also to face their own doubts with a courage similar to what the author manifests. Precisely because of its powerful autobiographical content, this book will speak lucidly to others who, like Locke, are seekers of honesty and not purveyors of answers that their concrete experience has not provided and tested. Written with great clarity and simplicity, this is a timely and helpful work."
Jean Halligan Vandergrift
"This book is a welcome light to all who seek nuanced, intelligent answers to our deepest human questions. With an incredible breadth of knowledge, moral clarity, and his own personal honesty, Hubert Locke leads us to a way of 'defiant' faith in godforsaken times. A timely and timeless contribution."