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The Philosophical Principles of Integral Knowledge
POD; Published: 11/6/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6093-4
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191 Pages
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Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov was an intriguing figure whose religious path took him from Russian Orthodoxy to nihilism and subsequently Roman Catholicism, and finally back to Russian Orthodoxy. The Philosophical Principles of Integral Knowledge is the earliest elaboration of the major ideas that occupied Solovyov throughout his life. Completed when he was only twenty-four, this wide-ranging, poetry-sprinkled treatise critically examines Western civilization and religion, proposing in its place a new model for faith and survivability, the integral spiritual knowledge attained by the Russian nation.

As a whole, Solovyov's philosophy offers a powerful defense of religion in both mystical and logical terms. Translator Valeria Z. Nollan skillfully brings out the nuances of Solovyov's rigorous writing in this first-ever English translation of his Philosophical Principles of Integral Knowledge.