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Feminist Biblical Interpretation
A Compendium of Critical Commentary on the Books of the Bible and Related Literature
POD; Published: 11/29/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6097-2
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1056 Pages
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Translated from the German by Martin Rumscheidt

The original German edition of Feminist Biblical Interpretation received high acclaim and widespread positive reviews in Europe. That groundbreaking reference tool for contextual biblical interpretation is here available in English for the first time. With contributions from more than sixty female scholars, this is the only one- volume feminist commentary on the entire Bible, including books that are relatively uncharted territory for feminist theology.
Kristin De Troyer
— University of St. Andrews
"There is no compendium like this: it contains no repetition of things already said a hundred times but, rather, to-the-point coherent feminist readings of biblical books, with clear emphases on issues relevant to feminist research and excellent bibliographic references to feminist output. This compendium is a 'must have can't work without' book for scholars as well as all those interested in the Bible and feminism."
John C. Endres, S.J.
— Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University and Graduate Theological Union
"We owe a tremendous debt to Luise Schottroff and Marie-Theres Wacker for overseeing this compendium of feminist critical study of the Scriptures. . . . The authors approach their texts from a variety of angles, raising questions and issues that seldom make their way into other biblical commentaries; each commentary will delight readers with unexpected surprises. Thanks to the translators and editors for bringing a wonderful collection of contextualized German biblical scholarship to the English-speaking world."
Fernando Segovia
— Vanderbilt University
"The publication in English of this volume is an event to be warmly welcomed. . . . A magnificent achievement."
Theological Book Review
"This volume is the English translation of a much-vaunted work originally produced in German. . . . It is selective, focussed on the experience of women, but also comprehensive, in its scope across the entirety of Jewish and Christian scriptures. . . . In a contemporary context in which increasing numbers of religious and political leaders are recognizing the importance of female literacy as well as female literature, this vast, valuable compendium is a coherent and ready resource."
"Feminist biblical interpretation has truly come of age and this book is a sign of that maturity."
Review of Biblical Literature
"A valuable resource for scholars interested in the insights of feminist biblical criticism. . . . The translation of this volume into English provides biblical scholars, especially those interested in the history of ideological criticisms, an important resource both for examining the variety of the biblical texts, especially in their depictions of women, and for understanding the ways in which our interpretations of these texts are shaped by political and social commitments."
Religious Studies Review
"I recommend this compendium as a necessity for every reference section of a college, university, and seminary library. No matter the biblical book, students will find here an excellent starting place for feminist textual readings."
Theological Studies
"A unique collection. . . . This translation makes a superb contribution to English biblical discourse. . . . An important aspect of this collection is that it features both well-known scholars and others who seldom appear in biblical commentaries, resulting in questions posed that are both challenging and sometimes unanticipated. Anyone interested in rigorous biblical scholarship that represents outside-the-box thinking will find these essays quite stimulating. We are indebted to the translators, editors, and publisher for making possible the English version of this astonishing collection of contextualized biblical scholarship."
The Bible Today
"Although these are scholarly essays, one need not be a scholar to benefit from them. The writing is clear and explanatory. Each essay has an extensive list of references and books for further reading. This is a one-of-a-kind resource. Highly recommended."