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Canonical Theism
A Proposal for Theology and the Church
POD; Published: 2/18/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6238-9
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355 Pages
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The bold thesis of Canonical Theism is that the good and life-giving Holy Spirit has equipped the church not only with a canon of scripture but also with an abundant canonical heritage of materials, persons, and practices. However, much of the latter has been ignored or cast aside. The authors call for the retrieval and redeployment of the full range of this rich legacy. Voices from across the spectrum here chart that mine of opportunity and invite the entire church to explore the benefits of their discoveries.

Ambitious in its scope and agenda, Canonical Theism offers insights that will enable the readers to discover anew the faith that has nourished converts, created saints, and upheld martyrs across the y e a rs.


William J. Abraham
Frederick D. Aquino
Paul L. Gavrilyuk
Charles Gutenson
Douglas M. Koskela
Mark E. Powell
Frederick W. Schmidt
Horace Six-Means
Natalie B. Van Kirk
Jason E. Vickers
David F. Watson
Alan G. Padgett
— Luther Seminary
"Serious systematic theology in North America is showing vitality and energy but little unity of vision. Among the many various theological movements we must now add a fascinating and creative minority voice: canonical theism. After meeting together for several years, William Abraham and several like-minded theologians have put together this programmatic collection that covers many of the central themes of Christian doctrine. . . By grounding theology at the center of classic Christianity, these authors provide a rich feast for theologians of all types to read, ponder, and critique. The way forward for theology in the twenty-first century is not to abandon the great tradition of the church but to creatively engage it. This book helps us do just that."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"Canonical Theism is a bold volume. It owes its audacious nature to the passion of eleven modern scholars who firmly stand in the academic world yet have their eyes and ears attentive to the contemporary church. . . . We must applaud these scholars for producing a rich repository of first-rate material."
Expository Times
"This collection of essays offers serious ecumenical food for thought."
Anglican Theological Review
"This book will be of great interest to informed laypersons, church leaders, and academic theologians alike. These essays exhibit a fine touch of academic rigor and graceful accessibility from professors of theology, history, spiritual formation, and New Testament studies."