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That All May Believe
A Theology of the Gospel and the Mission of the Church
PAPERBACK; Published: 7/31/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6239-6
198 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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That All May Believe brings an evangelical catholic theological perspective to bear on controversial issues having to do with the truth of the gospel, the ecumenical quest for church unity, and the encounter of Christianity with other world religions. Here Carl Braaten argues and demonstrates that a theology may be evangelical without being Protestant, catholic without being Roman, and orthodox without being Eastern.

In sharp contrast to the older style of doing theology to bolster a particular denominational tradition or the newer style that revises the Christian faith to conform to modern culture, the ecumenical orthodoxy that emerges here does theology out of the common biblical and creedal mainstream of the Christian tradition. Braaten focuses on the core of Christianity -- faith in Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures. He applies the criterion of Christ to many questions of Christian theology, pointing the way to a more complete and foundational theology for today.

Karl P. Donfried
— Smith College
"A penetrating analysis of western Christianity in crisis as well as an incisive and compelling guide for course correction. Written with clarity, insight, and conviction, That All May Believe is Braaten at his very best. A must-read for Christians in the northern hemisphere."
Gabriel Fackre
— author of The Church
"Who else but Carl Braaten could show us an ecumenical vision of theology as evangelical but not simply Protestant, catholic but not just Roman, orthodox but not only Eastern? Here is a needed call to share our ecclesial gifts with mutual affirmation on classical convictions and mutual admonition regarding teachable differences. Yet all this is done with a well-known Braaten ‘edge' — indictment of conventional Christianity and a drifting academic theology. We are in the author's debt for charting the right course toward visible unity and full communion for a church solid in its centralities and passionate about its mission."
Frank C. Senn
— Immanuel Lutheran Church, Evanston, Illinois
"Employing his gift for incisive analysis of theological movements and trends according to the criterion of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, Braaten affirms the catholic tradition with its canon of Scripture and historic dogmas as the indispensable bearer of the gospel. With evangelical passion for the missionary enterprise, he shows how the church must move toward ecumenical unity in order to bring the world to belief. He does not ignore the reality of the powers of evil that strive against the mission of the gospel. Nor does he shrink from saying that dialogue with the religions must not blunt the apostolic imperative to proclaim the gospel and bring converts into the community of faith in the crucified and risen Christ. This timely book, confessionally anchored and ecumenically hopeful, will engage theological readers from beginning to end."