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The Vocation of the Child
POD; Published: 10/7/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6240-2
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461 Pages
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Series: Religion, Marriage, and Family (RMF)

Rather than discussing their possible vocation, discussions of children tend to center on their rights or duties. Does God have intentions for their young lives -- before they grow up and become “real” people? Distinguished jurist Patrick McKinley Brennan has gathered sixteen authors to approach this idea in various ways, from historical to psychological to theological. The authors explore throughout whether it is possible for adults to either squander their children's vocations or instead to help discover and embrace them.

Marcia Bunge
Patrick McKinley Brennan
John E. Coons
Charles Leslie Glenn
Heather M. Good
Vigen Guroian
William Harmless
Anthony J. Kelly
Bonnie Miller-McLemore
Charles J. Reid Jr.
Philip L. Reynolds
Elmer John Thiessen
George Van Grieken
Robert K. Vischer
William J. Werpehowski
John Witte Jr.