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Christology and Science

POD; Published: 6/9/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6248-8
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181 Pages
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F. LeRon Shults here breaks new ground by explicitly bringing specific themes of Christology -- Incarnation, Atonement, and Parousia -- into dialogue with contemporary science -- evolutionary biology, cultural anthropology, and physical cosmology.

Shults skillfully summarizes some of the popular constructive responses to these developments, offering a unique organization around three concrete case studies. After clarifying the way in which Christian understandings of God and of humanity shape the task of reforming Christology, each chapter concludes with a programmatic outline of ways in which we might articulate the identity, agency, and presence of Jesus Christ in dialogue with late modern science and culture.

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Niels Henrik Gregersen
— University of Copenhagen
"LeRon Shults here offers one of the first comprehensive accounts of the relevance of science for contemporary Christology, and vice versa. At once a multifaceted and highly accessible book."
David Fergusson
— University of Edinburgh
"A clear and imaginative attempt to address some of the central tasks in Christology by employing conceptual resources from the natural sciences. . . Deserves close attention."
Robert John Russell
— Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
"In this exemplary engagement between Christian theology and contemporary science, via specific case studies involving evolutionary biology, cultural anthropology, and physical cosmology, LeRon Shults offers profound new insights into a Christology for our time. In the process he engages some of the leading figures in theology and science. This book is part of Shults's wider project of reforming Christian theology in dialogue with such philosophical areas as epistemology, ethics, and metaphysics. Essential reading for scholars and laypersons alike who are passionate about theology and science."
Alan G. Padgett
— Luther Seminary
"Christology and Science brings together two topics that for many have nothing to do with each other. Shults innovatively shows how philosophy and contemporary science can help Christians rethink the core of their belief, that is, the ‘science' of Christ. Theologians and those involved in the dialogue between religion and science have much to learn from Shults's creative proposal."
Dirk Evers
— University of Tübingen
"Fascinating. . . Provides challenging reinterpretations that allow for new ways of articulating the significance of Christ."
Theological Studies
"The text is artfully crafted, and each chapter provides a good general overview of current conversations at the intersection of science and theology."
Scottish Journal of Theology
"A bold and extremely stimulating piece of theological thinking, which I warmly recommend."
Anglican Theological Review
"A brilliant example of a thoughtful, effective integration of science and theology."
Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith
"Shults' constructive model for understanding Christology is a convincing effort to relate Christianity and science, and it should be of genuine interest to many readers."