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Healing Wisdom
Depth Psychology and the Pastoral Ministry
POD; Published: 4/20/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6254-9
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204 Pages
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While the field of pastoral care and counseling has emerged as a strength within the Christian tradition, the increasing religious diversity of our society has complicated our understanding of the "care of souls." What core values should pastoral caregivers seek to embody? What core competencies are required for this care? The contributors to this volume show that the answers to these questions for any compassionate ministry must use "healing wisdom" as a source of fundamental values.

"A well-prepared minister is not afraid to face the depths of human suffering," say the editors. "The ability to offer a 'non-anxious presence' to those in need, to bracket the pain of one's own woundedness while listening empathically, to face head-on the purifying fires of human transformation -- these are a few of the qualities in ministry we designate as 'healing wisdom.' "

Inspired by the work of Ann Belford Ulanov, this introductory text in pastoral care explores the depth dimensions of pastoral ministry with an eye toward teaching practitioners to value and embody this life-giving wisdom. It captures many of the multiple strands of pastoral work and weaves them together into an integral w h o l e . < b r>
  • David W. Augsburger
  • Pamela Cooper-White
  • Russell H. Davis
  • Kathleen J. Greider
  • Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger
  • Rodney J. Hunter
  • Cedric C. Johnson
  • James W. Jones
  • Felicity Brock Kelcourse
  • Kyungsig Samuel Lee
  • K. Brynolf Lyon
  • Ana-Marφa Rizzuto
  • Daniel S. Schipani