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Neither Calendar nor Clock
Perspectives on the Belhar Confession
POD; Published: 6/4/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6259-4
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277 Pages
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Adoption of a new confession is a rare event in church history. This book offers an astute inside look at the contemporary Belhar Confession, which arose out of the struggle against apartheid and was drafted in 1982 by the "colored" Dutch Reformed Mission Church in South Africa.

With clarity and passion Piet Naudé presents and comments on the Belhar texts themselves, explores the historical background and theological significance of Belhar, and discusses its continuing reception throughout the world. He also relates the Belhar Confession's relevance to such current global issues as gender relations, economic justice, and the HIV/AIDS crisis.

The only up-to-date English-language book on the Belhar Confession -- which is gaining significant recognition among North American churches -- Neither Calendar nor Clock ultimately shows how this singular African confession powerfully articulates the gospel for the universal church today.

Andrew Murray Prize Fund, Andrew Murray-Desmond
Dirkie Smit
(from the foreword)
"Naudé writes about the ongoing task of interpreting Belhar, but in fact he helps us to see and think about much more: the nature of our tradition, the roots of our faith, the way we belong to one another, and the challenges of our time. This is truly a timely book!"
Michael Welker
— University of Heidelberg
"The Belhar Confession played a crucial role in overcoming apartheid in South Africa. Piet Naudé is one of the leading authorities able to reconstruct the complex genesis of this confession and its strong repercussions in South African society and across the political and ecclesial spectrum. This book is a powerful testimony to a 'humanizing Christian theology' — a witness to God and an ethical challenge to us all."