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Unlocking Romans
Resurrection and the Justification of God
J. R. Daniel Kirk
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POD; Published: 11/3/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6290-7
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259 Pages
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If the God of Israel has acted to save his people through Christ, but Israel is not participating in that salvation, how then can this God be considered righteous? Unlocking Romans is directed in large extent toward answering this question in order to illuminate the righteousness of God as revealed in the book of Romans.

The answer here, J. R. Daniel Kirk claims, comes mainly in terms of resurrection. Even if only the most obvious references in Romans are considered -- and Kirk certainly delves more deeply than that -- the theme of resurrection appears not only in every section of the letter but also at climactic moments of Paul's argument. The network of connections among Jesus' resurrection, Israel's Scriptures, and redefining the people of God serves to affirm God's fidelity to Israel. This, in turn, demonstrates Paul's gospel message to be a witness to the revelation of the righteousness of God.

"This is a fresh, lucidly argued examination of a letter that has shaped the church in profound ways. By putting the central claim of the Christian tradition, Jesus' resurrection, front and center for understanding how Paul argues in Romans, Kirk has done the church and the academy a great service."
Craig A. Evans, Acadia Divinity College
"Daniel Kirk offers readers a fascinating and fresh investigation into the heart of Paul's letter to the Christians in Rome. Kirk rightly underscores the centrality of resurrection in Paul's thought, showing how all of the major doctrines of this important letter grow out of that single greatest saving event, an event that cast all things in a new light. Veteran interpreters of Paul as well as readers new to the great apostle to the Gentiles will find this book very stimulating and rewarding."
Rikk E. Watts, Regent College
"In a bold and stimulating thesis Kirk shows how Jesus' resurrection, so central to Paul's conversion, lies at the heart of Romans. Since through it God has justified both himself and his faithful Christ, thereby showing Jesus to be the goal of the law, then participation in that salvation comes, for Jew and Gentile alike, not through the law but solely through faith in the resurrected Son of God. Highly commended."
Richard B. Hays, Duke Divinity School
"In this book Daniel Kirk makes a fresh and important contribution to the study of Pauline theology by highlighting the significance of resurrection in the letter to the Romans. At the same time, he clarifies Paul's teaching about resurrection in the context of various Jewish apocalyptic expectations. Oddly, while debate has swirled about Paul's view of the law and his doctrine of justification, interpreters have paid curiously little attention to the key role of resurrection in the argument of Romans. Kirk's study skillfully makes a previously overlooked theme appear self-evident, thereby offering a new angle of vision on the letter. Many readers will come to the end of this book saying, 'Yes, of course; why didn't we see that before?' Unlocking Romans will be a valuable resource for all who teach or preach on this text."