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Called to Be Human
Letters to My Children on Living a Christian Life
POD; Published: 4/8/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6300-3
Price: $ 20.99
160 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Continuing the Christian tradition of wisdom imparted through letters, Michael Jinkins here explores big questions of life and faith that challenge people of all ages, especially young adults. Written as a series of letters to the author's own adult children, Called to Be Human resonates at once with the "mere Christianity" of C. S. Lewis and the topical relevance of Anne Lamott.

Readers will find in these pages startling insights illuminating our contemporary experience as human beings, whether Christian or not. Conversing throughout with an amazing range of thinkers and writers -- Calvin, Bonhoeffer, Lewis, Flannery O'Connor, Rumi, and Frederick Buechner, to name just a few -- Jinkins doesn't hesitate to share his own frustrations with some aspects of the church, including the failure of many Christians to examine what they believe. Eloquent, edgy, and honest, Called to Be Human offers well-written, accessible, surprising food for thought.
Scott Black Johnston, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York
"Have you ever seen faith get passed from one generation to the next? I have. Here. In this book — this edgy, honest, makes-you-cry-because-it's-so-true book — Michael Jinkins passes his Christian faith along to his children, Jeremy and Jessica. Thank God, he's allowed us to look over their shoulders and read along. Called to Be Human confirms the stature of Michael Jinkins as the C. S. Lewis of our time."
Carol Howard Merritt, Western Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.
"In Called to Be Human Michael Jinkins wrangles with profound questions that so many young adults face — the terrifying beauty of death, the staggering complexities of evil, and the bewildering pursuit of vocation. Yet what makes this book so wise and powerful is not just its subject matter but, even more, that these words are wrapped in the unmistakable affection of a father who loves deeply."
YouthWorker Journal
"This book is a wonderful read for anyone who has struggled with faith, calling, purpose or relationships."