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Imagination and the Journey of Faith
POD; Published: 9/5/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6301-0
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202 Pages
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What makes us open to mystery, to glimpses of the Transcendent in our daily lives? The power of the imagination, according to Sandra Levy -- a power that has been seriously depleted in today's postmodern culture.

To address and redress this situation, Levy first explores how the imagination expresses itself -- through ritual, music, poetry, art, and story -- and then focuses on specific practices that can exercise and enrich our spiritual capacity, thus opening us up to divine encounter.

Imagination and the Journey of Faith will speak to both those outside of a religious tradition and those in faith communities who wish to strengthen and deepen the imaginative power of their spiritual lives.

Jerome W. Berryman, Center for the Theology of Childhood, Godly Play Foundation
"There is a calmness in this book that is palpable, but the passion that keeps the pages turning connects God's originating act with the understanding from Coleridge to Csikszentmihalyi that the nature of the imagination is to need nurture. A steady and healthy diet of sacred stories, liturgy, and art is critical because the imagination 'can run amok if not rooted in community wisdom.' The searing irony that postmodern culture offers can only cauterize the bleeding of the wounded spirit. It never heals it. To heal we need to be responsible creators, as Sandra Levy shows, so that the story we weave together can be as redemptive as this book."
Catherine M. Wallace, author of Selling Ourselves Short
"Imagination animates faith, Levy argues, through those rare but personally transformative glimpses of transcendence. Drawing adeptly on a range of thinkers from Coleridge to contemporary cognitive linguists, she outlines the way in which nurturing imagination can deepen both our faith and our grasp of the ultimate meanings of our lives."
Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, Wheaton College
"This book is essential reading for anyone frustrated by the lack of attention the contemporary church pays to the power of the imagination to shape and transform our faith lives. Its arguments and compelling suggestions should be read by all those seeking to live their faith more alertly and more passionately. If the paucity of faith so evident in our culture is a sign of the failure of the imagination, then faith is its flourishing, and this book is a vital guide offering sound theology and a downright good read."