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Genesis, the Movie
POD; Published: 9/25/2003
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6325-6
Price: $ 35.50
384 Pages
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Catholic Library World
"Fans of Capon will know what to expect from this study of the first three chapters of Genesis: loving attention to and respect for every single word in the scripture, references to writers ancient and modern, self-deprecating and warm humor, and a willingness to take the Bible on its own terms. . . Warmly recommended to academic libraries and to readers not already acquainted with this lively writer."
Concordia Journal
"You have to read this book. . . It is a vintage Capon: attractive orneriness penned by a lovable rascal. . . The Gospel always seems to bring out the best in Capon's writing."
Publishers Weekly
"Capon evokes a bit of C. S. Lewis."
The New York Times Book Review
"Theology, Capon says, is a word game, the most serious word game of all, and he plays it very well indeed."
Christianity and Literature
"Capon's greatest strength is his ability to wrap old thoughts in new metaphors."
National Catholic Reporter
"This Episcopal priest and author has a poetic sense that is sure to please and challenge."
The Living Church
"Robert Capon is a joyfully outrageous Christian teacher."
Review & Expositor
"The word ‘eccentric' comes to mind, in the best sense of the world."
The Clergy Journal
"Capon's work serves any preacher and is worth reading."