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Sacramental Teaching and Practice in the Reformation Churches
POD; Published: 1/21/1958
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6330-0
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112 Pages
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"In the present study we shall be primarily concerned with sacramental practice and interpretation as they are to be found in the Reformation churches and especially those which took the Reformed rather than the Lutheran path. But this does not mean that we shall be committed merely to an historical survey. The main interest of the Reformers themselves was to be true to the teachings of Holy Scripture itself, and we shall be most loyal to them if, along with the general lines of their tradition, we attempt a biblical rather than an historical statement. This will have a threefold advantage. It will submit the Reformed interpretation itself to its own biblical standard. It will bring us into fruitful contact with other views in which over-emphases or distortions conceal positive elements of truth. And it will give to our discussion a living relevance for Christians of the present day, for whom the sacraments may never be regarded merely as objects of scientific enquiry, but must always be gratefully used as divinely ordained means of blessing."
— Geoffrey W. Bromiley (from the introduction)