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The Book of Marriage
The Wisest Answers to the Toughest Questions
POD; Published: 10/12/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6338-6
Price: $ 51.50
636 Pages
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William J. Bennett
— editor of The Book of Virtues
"The Book of Marriage is an engaging, literate, and edifying anthology. Throughout the ages, poets, philosophers, theologians, and novelists have penned beautiful and illuminating words about marriage. Dana Mack and David Blankenhorn have mined that quarry with care and wisdom and have produced an encouraging book."
Lina Waite
— coauthor of The Case for Marriage
"This anthology brings together classic texts on marriage with wit, insight, and breadth of vision. It combines key perspectives from religion with those from literature, theory, research, and law. The result is a delightful series of short readings speaking to the heart of marriage."
Diane and Michael Medved
— authors of Saving Childhood
"Finally, a single fascinating volume that brings together the most basic and compelling sources that explain why marriage, from the beginning of civilization through the present, evokes the most passionate of human emotions."
Walter Wangerin Jr.
— author of The Book of God
"Marriage — forever more than a mere institution' — receives here, from wise minds and faithful souls, the thought and the complexity it deserves, enriching our understanding of this covenant. A book for married, singles, and children alike."
"This is a superb book. It fills a gap that has been left vacant in today's proliferation of marriage books. This is not a simple ABC book that offers easy answers to marital problems. It is a book of wisdom that invites the reader to think deeply about the meaning and experience of marriage. . . For anyone who is serious about deepening not only their understanding of marriage but also their experience of marriage, this insightful work will be profoundly rewarding."
National Review
"Both philosophical and practical, The Book of Marriage asks not only big questions such as What is marriage?' but also smaller ones, such as 'How do we handle money?' and 'What about when we fight?'... Mack and Blankenhorn have produced not only the perfect textbook for a course on marriage but a fruitful gift for a teen or a young couple and a helpful guide for a parent or preacher."
Sharing the Practice
"The most comprehensive book I have found. Pastors will find it a very helpful resource in preaching on the topic of marriage, counseling with couples before and after marriage, and in teaching courses on marriage and family life."
New Covenant
"A gem of an anthology, usefully organized and sparkling with observation and experience ancient and new."