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The Beginning of All Things
Science and Religion
POD; Published: 6/5/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6359-1
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234 Pages
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Translated by John Bowden

In an age when faith and science seem constantly to clash, can theologians and scientists come to a meeting of minds? Yes, maintains the intrepid Hans Küng, as he brilliantly argues here that religion and science are not mutually exclusive but complementary.

Focusing on beginnings -- beginnings of time, of the world, of man, of human will -- Küng deals with an array of scientific precepts and teachings. From a unified field theory to quantum physics to the Big Bang to the theory of relativity -- even superstring and chaos theories -- he examines all of the theories regarding the beginning of the universe and life (of all kinds) in that universe.

Küng seeks to reconcile theology with the latest scientific insights, holding that "a confrontational model for the relationship between science and theology is out of date, whether put forward by fundamentalist believers and theologians or by rationalistic scientists and philosophers." While accepting evolution as scientists generally describe it, he still maintains a role for God in founding the laws of nature by which life evolved and in facilitating the adventure of creation.

Exhibiting little patience for scientists who do not see beyond the limits of their discipline or for believers who try to tell experts how things must have been, Küng challenges readers to think more deeply about the beginnings in order to facilitate a new beginning in dialogue and understanding.

Times Literary Supplement
"Like all of Küng's work, this is a learned book, full of interesting insights."
John Polkinghorne
— Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral
"Many will find it fascinating to see how a distinguished theologian offers his personal contribution to the dialogue between science and theology, writing in a bold and challenging manner and making good use of his wide reading and personal encounters."
Ted Peters
— coeditor of Theology and Science
"The prolific and inquisitive Hans Küng guides us through the conundrums of Big Bang cosmology, evolution, and brain science, showing how science raises questions it cannot answer. God is the answer. God is a rational answer, based on a faith that trusts. Küng's is a grippingly lucid and insightfully thoughtful addition to the field of science and religion."
Word & World
"A highly accessible yet academically rigorous project concerning the dialogue between religion and science."
National Jewish Post & Opinion
"Küng's brief on behalf of a reasonable accommodation between science and religion and his sensitive rendering of the legitimacy of the religious vocation in life are marvelous and compelling."
"Küng's work is refreshingly intelligent, scientifically informed, respectful of science, self-critical and balanced."